Aquatic adventure - Devlog 1 - Turtles and inventories

Hi, what's going on underwater survivors? Welcome to the first Aquatic adventure devlog! In this devlog we're ready to spill the beans on some of the new features that are coming to Alpha 1.0! So let's dive right into it!

So, yeah. We're quite sorry about not keeping you players up to date but we have had a lot going on...

1. So many other things to attend to

2. Spending a lot of time on developing ideas

3. Spending a lot of time on developing the game

4. Took a short holiday

5. Ate so much cake that we all fell sick and had to take a long time off

Ok, that last one was just a bad excuse, but let's not focus on the past, let's focus on the future! So what's new?

Remember what we promised to bring in this update? That's right: New building materials, items, fishies, ruins... well we're glad to announce that a new underwater sea creature has joined the aquatic adventure sealife family!                                                                                                                                   The turtle! Yes that's right! Turtles are coming to AquaA! Turtles are peaceful creatures that roam in many kinds of oceans (we'll get to that bit in a second) and they especially like places with lots of plant life, so you won't be finding them anywhere seriously cold. Right now the turtle is quite weak and only has 1hp (will be fixed) and doesn't drop anything when killed. But soon you will get a very special reward if you do manage to get  your hands on a turtle... but let's carry on! The next sea creature that we will look at is...                                                                       The narwhal! Roaming in packs (is it packs or is it pods? Dunno.) in the icy cold seas, this sight is definetely worth remembering. With it's unicorn like horn (tooth) sticking out of it's head it's both beautiful and a teeny weeny bit dangerous. You wouldn't like the end of your butt getting spiked with that tooth. Like the turtle, it doesn't drop anything when killed, but that will also change. Next up is...

The whale (Sprite a place holder. May change). Majestic. Really majestic. And pretty whopping big too! Sandigi soul stones! This thing is mahoosive! Like the other two previous sea creatures, this guy doesn't want any harm. So there's no point killing it. Just let it live it's own slow life at it's own pace. They also don't drop anything so killing them is a waste of time. Be kind to whales. They haven't done anything to you, why should you do anything to them?

Cool! That was three new creatures coming to AquaA! Let's get to the other stuff.

New ocean variants. AWESOME!!!! No longer will you have to just look at the same boring sandy area, maybe you fancy being a bit on the cold side of the world. Some materials you can only get in certain places so it will be well worth visiting new areas. There is only one problem though. You can't go visiting new areas in one world yet. But no need to panic! We said the word yet. Remember this is still alpha so of course we will add that feature in  too. Right now though, you can only visit those areas using a thing in the menu.

This thingimibobs is pretty cool

Get ready for the next cool thing(s)... we promised you building blocks, we brought you building blocks. We didn't promise you an inventory though but...

So the building system was getting a bit dull. Only being able to build out of sand and sandstone was getting a bit dull and, well, too yellow. Yuk. So with this build mode inventory (build mode only still), you can finally add a little more colour to your creations! Check it out!

Check out my rad building skills

One more thing on this list. For some guys this may be pretty cool actually. We may be adding joy con support.                                                                                                                              
Yeah, joy con support. We will start looking at this feature once our new bluetooth reciever arrives, but yeah. Fingers crossed!

Phew! That's about it for today's devlog. We'll se you in the next update! See ya!

Awesome narwhals. They're so cute. :3


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Nov 19, 2017

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