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Bugs. A mysterious species. They crawl around, lay eggs, collect food and whatnot. Boring, you say? Yeah, it is pretty boring. But what do bugs do in their free time? Ok, ok. It might sound silly, but bugs have free time. What might sound even sillier is the fact that they have secret tournaments underground, in their nest, where they shoot cobwebs and try to eliminate each other by covering their opponent in them! Don't believe me? I knew it. Even my great aunt didn't believe me... until I showed her Bug Bam!

Bug Bam is a piece of software created by the good people at CYBROG! This allows you to play against a friend as a bug, and try to defeat them by UNLEASHING the GIANT COBWEBS of DOOOOOOOOM! Actually they're not giant but I just said that because it sounds cool.

Bug bam is a multiplayer, one screen game that runs on Windows. It has only been tested on Windows 10, but it should still work the same on pretty much any windows version. There still may be updates for this game but we won't be adding any major changes to the game. The controls are: WASD keys to move green player, Up, Down, Left and Right keys to move blue player, Enter for green player shooting and Space for blue player shooting. Use the white blocks on your side of the field to take cover!

Just one more thing. Have fun!

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